It's the Four Score Old-Timers' Club

OK, old-timers... you're here to have a look at the Four Score Old-Timers' Club certificate which has just been created (2023) in early preparation for my 80th anniversary in ham radio. Yes, this award has arrived 11 years too early for me, but we do have a very few hams who have reached this significant milestone already or will soon be there. For those now elder statesmen and stateswomen, it's ready.

Not very many people are going to qualify for this one. I started into ham radio as a pre-teen, and I'm apparently in pretty good condition, considering the towers I've worked on (the tallest one was 465'), and the many field-days where I was nearly eaten alive by mosquitos. Then there were times when I got too close to the B+ and was flipped out of my chair (but I'm more careful now).

Therefore, with a bit of good luck, when the clock turns 2030, I'll get my QCWA-75 pin, and when 2035 gets here, I'll qualify for this award and the QCWA-80 pin!

80 years... imagine that. Woohoooo.

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